Endwall Cybersecurity

Boost your security information, grow your business.


App Penetration Testing

We deeply evaluate the security of your application, back-end, API and process flows. Know what your security posture is against real attacks and how to improve it.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Your business is also in a Mobile APP. We evaluate the security of your mobile application through static and dynamic analysis of Android and iOS devices.

Penetration Testing

The main goal of a Network Penetration Testing, from outside or inside the network, is to identify vulnerabilities and then exploit them in networks, systems, and hosts before attackers.

Secure Code Review

The software world has become more demanding and vulnerable to new and sophisticated attacks. Source code analysis seeks to detect and eliminate insecure code that can put your system at risk.

Security Assessment

A security assessment is an integral solution that will allow you to know the general state of your systems, networks and process, knowing how and in what order you will have to improve.

GAP Analysis

Know your current situation in terms of compliance. See how close you are to achieving the necessary and desired level of security. Compare your security and processes against the most demanding industry standards.

Security Information for Fintech, Mobile Apps and E-Wallets

Our most complete suite of services designed for the financial industries of today. We develop a control framework to test your Digital Finance Business's security level in depth.

Protect your business applications

We help to improve your software development life cycle using the most relevant standards OWASP TOP 10 & CWE SANS TOP 25. Secure your application and API.

Our approach


Asset Discovery

Discover, recognize and list your assets. Know the weakness of your business flows and logic through human identification without automated tools that cannot see this.


Vulnerability & Risk Identification

Identify the vulnerabilities your systems have before they are attacked. Anticipate new attacks and possible threats.



Analyze and measure the real impact of vulnerabilities on your systems. Determine how far it is possible to go.



Improve and increase the level of security of your systems, API and consequently your business. Establish a process and methodology to help implement security in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

Our way


We are dynamic and agile, understanding the speed of response that your business needs, prioritizing security and risk.


We try to identify ourselves by thinking differently and always being one step ahead of the real attacks that your systems may suffer.


We establish a process that allows us to know the customer's security posture at all times.


We are specialized professionals where we look to be close to our customers at all times. We listen and understand what they need. Their cybersecurity is our greatest and only goal.

About Us

We are professionals, hackers who are passionate about cybersecurity and who love what we do, with more than 16 years of experience. We like to think creatively and outside the box, pursuing innovation and excellence in what we do.

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